NP’s Carizyme


Use & Benefits of NP?s Carizyme

NP?s Carizyme is a combination syrup that is formulated in our own manufacturing unit using various mother tinctures that are individual can treat many digestion-related problems such as Carica Papaya ?, Lycopodium Clavatum ?, Nux Vomica ?, Zingiber Officinalis ?, Emblica Officinalis ?, Carum Carvi ?, Cinnamomum ? etc.

NP?s Carizyme can cure indigestion that causes flatulence, abdominal cramp, heartburn, and constipation, it acts as a powerful carminative and also enhances the secretion of digestive juice and enzymes that helps to digest food. It can be given to children also.

NP’s Carizyme
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