Does Homoeopathic Medicine increase Immunity?

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Homeopathy has a strong reputation for increasing immunity and helping the body to fight off infections. However, it is important to understand that homoeopathy is not a cure for all illnesses and can be used in conjunction with other medical treatments. The immune and defence systems are complex structures, with a variety of functions. Some of these are well understood and can be helped by the right nutrients and supplements or medicines. Others are more difficult to influence, but a recent article in a pharmacology journal describes how some homoeopathic medicines appear to have a similar effect on genes as conventional drugs do. This is known as the hormesis effect and can explain some of the anomalies that homoeopaths have observed when studying the effects of their remedies.

A weak immune system increases your risk of infection and can cause health problems like autoimmune diseases. Homoeopathy medicine can help boost the natural immune system through a range of treatments, from constitutional homoeopathic medicine to specific symptom-matched acute remedies.

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  • The first step in homoeopathic treatment is a symptom picture. It is taken as a list of symptoms relating to a patient’s general health and condition. Typically, a symptom picture matches more than one homoeopathic remedy or medicine and this is repeated at follow-up. The practitioner will also consider the nature of a person’s symptoms, their family medical history, the previous course of treatment and their inherent constitution strength.
  • During treatment, the homeopath takes into account a number of factors including your health history, your family medical history and your current lifestyle. They will then create a unique treatment plan to help your immune system function at its best. They will also assess whether there are any specific environmental or emotional factors that may be contributing to your low immune system.
  • There is a wide range of homoeopathic remedies available to help improve your immunity, from the plant kingdom (Echinacea, Gelsemium, Sambucus) to the mineral and metal kingdoms (Mercurius solubilise, Ferrum phos). These remedies undergo an extensive process of dilution until they no longer contain any trace of the original substance. It is impossible to predict what homoeopathic remedy or homoeopathic medicine will work for you, so it is always best to seek the advice of a qualified homoeopath.
  • The Australian Register of Homoeopaths is the independent national registration body for professional homoeopaths. To find a registered practitioner near you, visit the AROH website. You can also check with your local health insurance provider to see if they recognise homoeopathy medicine and offer rebates for ancillary benefits. A holistic approach to health care is always recommended, as it can be a good way to strengthen the immune system and support a healthy body. Talk to your homoeopath about your other health practices and ask for a recommendation for the best homoeopathic medicine to increase immunity. This will allow you to receive the full benefit of this alternative therapy.

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