Piles and Constipation – Homeopathic Treatment

Symptoms of Piles and Constipation - Causes of Piles and Constipation - Homeopathic Treatment for Piles and Constipation

Are you suffering from Piles and Constipation? Homeopathy recommends gentle and beneficial treatment choices with no side effects. It also boosts and strengthens the digestive system—customized treatments tailored to separate symptoms and constitutional factors. And also to ensure personalized care. To say goodbye to your discomfort forever, experience the benefit of Piles and Constipation homeopathic treatment today.

Cause of Piles & Constipation?

Straining is one of the leading causes of piles, such as straining when you go to the toilet, which may happen if you have Constipation or long-lasting loose motion. As you age, your anal canal weakens, which can also increase the likelihood of piles. Other things that can lead to piles include having a persistent cough and having anal intercourse.

Symptoms of Piles and Constipation - Causes of Piles and Constipation - Homeopathic Treatment for Piles and Constipation
Causes of Piles and Constipation – Homeopathic Treatment – N. P. Dutt & Son

Feeding low-fiber, hot, and blunt foods causes Constipation. Lifting heavy weights, low talking, discussion, and long-standing are also causes of this disease. Strangulation of bowel movements is another reason for Constipation. In addition to homeopathy, diet is vital in treating piles & Constipation.

Symptoms of piles or hemorrhoids?

Initial-stage piles or hemorrhoids are called Grade 1 piles. This condition relates to hemorrhoids that are swollen into the anal canal and do not prolapse outside the anus. In general, these are invisible and untouchable from the anus. Also, several other symptoms included the following: Bright red blood after you poo, an itchy anus, feeling such as you still need to poo after bowel movements, mucus in your underwear or on toilet paper after wiping your anus. Lumps and pain around your anus are also one of the most important symptoms in the First stage of Piles.

Piles & Constipation Homeopathic Medicines :

To provide long-term relief, homeopathic remedies stock the source cause of the problem. Because their target is, by a holistic procedure, relieving pains, reducing inflammations, and improving bowel movements. Homeopathy Medicines can help you overcome piles & constipation problems and improve your overall well-being through its secure and natural approach.

Baby Piles and Constipation Medicine
Baby Homeopathy Treatment for Piles & Constipation
Gripe Mixture
Adults Piles and Constipation Medicine
Senna Q
Adults Piles and Constipation Homeopathy Medicine
Adults Homeopathy Treatment for Piles & Constipation
NP’s Analpil Drop
Adults Treatment for Piles






N. P. Dutt & Son recommends some homeopathy medicines for children and adults. These medicines are beneficial and do not have side effects. In the following all the names of Homeopathy Medicines to cure Pills and Constipation: Babysona RS – ₹72.00/₹135.00, Gripe Mixture RS – ₹85.00 ₹72.00, NP’s Analpil Drop RS – ₹120.00 ₹108.00, NP’S LAX SYRUP RS – ₹90.00 ₹76.50, Senna Q RS – ₹45.00/ ₹85.50, SULPHUR RS – ₹36.00/₹37.80.

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